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Save up to 80% On Your Office Drinking Water With Quench Office Water Cooler Rentals!

Cleaner, More Affordable Office Drinking Water Solutions

Cool Planet Water can help big and small companies alike recognize savings on their water bottle dispensers by switching to filtered and reverse osmosis bottleless water coolers. The savings can run to hundreds a month over companies like Sparkletts, Arrowhead, or Culligan Water who charge by the bottle.


Small Companies – An office of 8 to 10 people will likely go through six to eight 5-gallon water bottles a month. In this case, your monthly drinking water would cost $29.99 to $60.00 per month.


Big Companies – For offices of 21 to 25 people, you will likely need seventeen to twenty 5-gallon bottles bringing your total closer to $160.00 per month. That’s more than 500% of the monthly cost for an office water cooler dispenser from Cool Planet Water.


Flat Monthly Fee – No water bottle delivery means no fluctuating bill! One flat monthly fee covers all the water you can drink—including service and maintenance. Starting at less than a dollar a day!


No Bottle Delivery – Cool Planet Water doesn’t add a fuel surcharge for water deliveries, lost bottle penalties or any other surprise charge. One low, flat price that’s guaranteed to never change—easier for bookkeeping and cost savings!


Easy-Pay Process – We bill quarterly – just four small equal payments a year. Set up Auto-Pay through your credit card or bank account and you never have to worry about it. We send you a confirmation each quarter.

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